Sports and confidence coaching

Do you ever question why you ride brilliantly in practice but when it comes to racing everything goes downhill? Many top level athletes suffer from anxiety and a lack of confidence, even though if you watch them they are phenomenal riders .

Confidence Coaching is a confidential process designed to support you to identify and achieve the goals you have in life. It involves challenging your perceptions, mindset and beliefs about yourself and others. The focus is also on practical tips and techniques to build your confidence in the areas where you have self-doubt.

Sport plays an incredibly important role in modern  life. As well as boosting the economy by billions every year, sport also encourages community spirit, gives players and spectators a greater sense of purpose, teaches young people fundamental life skills and improves the physical and psychological health of millions who participate.

Some people participate in sports simply for fun. Others view it as a fundamental part of their lives and strive constantly to do better. To achieve great things in sport we must put our bodies and minds through extensive training programmes. Every day we must try to be fitter, faster, stronger and sharper than we were yesterday.

The role of the sports coach is hugely varied, but it mainly involves:

a) Teaching rules, techniques and tactics to beginners.

b) Providing an objective view to help teams and individuals enhance performance.

c) Helping those involved in top-level sport deal with enormous pressures faced in a highly competitive environment.

Through expert tutoring, constructive criticism, motivation and on-hand support, sports coaches can help individuals focus their minds, hone their bodies and learn their disciplines inside-out to ensure they have the best possible chance of succeeding.

Most professional sportspeople have coaches to help them train and compete – but you don’t have to be a pro to hire a coach. All you need is a desire either to learn a sport, or to enhance your performance in the sport you already play.

i am a mind coach of many top level athletes, and the results speak for themselves.

if you wish to book mind and confidence coaching please enquire for availability . The cost is £300.00 on top of your deluxe package .


Murcia, Spain